Secret Yarn Source

My aunt tipped me off to a secret yarn source: Tuesday Morning. Some yarns are there for obvious reasons (metallic eyelash yarn, semi-solid sun-faded yarn) but for a shot at a good deal it’s worth the trip. The yarn above is enough for a pair of socks and cost seven dollars.

I also spotted Creative Couture products (something I had no knowledge of before this trip), which I later saw at Michaels for twice the price. Creative Couture makes organizers and carriers for yarn, and collectively is not my style at all, but I had to have this polka dot bag. I adore polka dots, and I really appreciate being able to see inside the bag. How else will people start conversations with me? (“Oh, you knit?”) Unlike a ditty bag, it has a sturdy flat base that keeps my wound yarn neat. Another feature I like is the carabiner, so when my purse is too full for a knitting bag I can clip this onto the handle.


Knitting coincidences.

I just realized that the designer of the Pulsation Socks is Amy King, the designer of the Oatmeal sweater I was admiring in the Winter 2009 issue of Spin-Off. This kind of thing has been happening to me more frequently. Am I too obsessed with knitting?

Learning by duplication.

In an effort to become more familiar with lace designs, I’m making this sock for an appreciative aunt:

Pulsation Socks from Spunky Eclectic (click for free pattern)

I have a good intuition for sizing, gauge, and yarn substitutions, but I haven’t done much lace knitting. Practicing with other people’s designs will help me understand what is actually happening when I YO, SSK, and K2TOG.

Fabric to covet.

Echino Ni-co by Etsuko Furuya available at Purl

Congo Sweater

by Danish knitwear designer Marianne Isager

2320 S St. NW

Textile Museum for the afternoon

Browsing Barneys is always a treat.

My goodness how I love knitted toys.

Kinderware Rattle. Darling, and at $12 it’s even cheaper than doing it yourself. Made by a women’s cooperative in Lima, Peru. (Should I be skeptical? They’re $12.)