When I became involved in textile arts it brought a feeling of independence and power. For a long time I was very detached from material possessions and I rarely paused to think about how almost everything I owned was produced by another human’s time and hands. It is easy to forget this when your only connection to your belongings is money – nobody makes things anymore. Spending money is a sacrifice, but not the kind that comes when you actually labor over something that most people take for granted. I don’t believe one can fully appreciate something without knowing how it came to be. I feel it is important to remember that the things we own should not be regarded as mere objects, but as small feats of humankind. Someone spent time out of her life making that scarf; that store where you shop was somebody’s dream business; that purchase helped keep people employed. Moreover, what will become of our things when our souls transpire? There is great significance in everything we own and make.


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