Snoods and Lady Gaga

Let me start by saying how irritating it is to be hit with the Lady Gaga Plague – I do not read Perez Hilton, I do not listen to the radio, I do not peruse US Weekly, nor do I watch TMZ or MTV or E!, I try really hard to be ignorant of popular culture. Yet somehow this woman keeps making her way into my life and taking my brain hostage. I KNOW THE WORDS to “Bad Romance” for crying out loud.

I also don’t like for her to be credited for the snood trend. The snood, also known as the cowl, circle scarf, or infinity loop, has been around for years and is one of my favorite accessories. It’s even featured in a WSJ article. I’m a little miffed by the AV Club’s analysis of the craze.

Allow me to digress and say that calling this thing a snood is a big misnomer – snoods are hairnets worn by ladies in the 1940s.

These practical garments are a breeze to make. You can find many patterns on Ravelry but really all you need to do is find a cool stitch pattern and knit in the round.

And Lady Gaga, please go away.

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