Elbert Hubbard on PBS tonight

Mr Hubbard remains key in the history of Arts and Crafts. He became involved in the movement at the turn of the century when he founded the flourishing Arts and Crafts community Roycroft. Yes, crafters have been rebels against industry for centuries.

“The dawn of the 20th century was a fluid time in America. Mass production was at a fever pitch, traditional values were in flux, the roles of men and women were changing, and America’s consumer culture was emerging. A new aesthetic was also entering the vernacular – Arts and Crafts. It evolved out of a socialist movement in England that rejected the dehumanizing effect of mechanization in favor of honest craftsmanship.”

This is one of my favorite areas of history. The craft movement has always had a political backbone. If you can’t watch the show I urge you to browse the site.


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