Everything went wrong. Been here?

I’m halfway through a sock I’ve been working on bit by bit for the last few days. This is my first attempt at making a sock, and of course I have to choose one knit with size zero needles and oh yeah – tiny cables.

I buy this intimidatingly thin alpaca yarn, and I forget to wind it at my LYS. I can’t wait to start my project so I decide to knit from the hank, but this soon becomes tangled so I return to my LYS where I spend the next hour on the swift untangling and winding and snipping.

This is a toe-up sock, but not knowing what I’m getting into I cast on using long tail instead of one of those fancy figure eight cast on methods which would only be appropriate. I later realize how counterproductive this is – the whole point in toe up socks is to avoid sewing!

Halfway up the foot I notice two extra stitches have surfaced and after scrutinizing each column I can’t trace their origins. Yet by the time I notice it’s too late to k2tog without compromising the pattern.

After making my way through the foot I get stumped on the heel, which Cat Bordhi on YouTube talks me through. This is frustrating enough, not to mention the many wrong twists I’ve made during the wraps causes much difficulty when un-working the heel. I am almost finished with the heel and — !@#& — out of nowhere a patch of miniscule stitches comes undone!!

As if this project isn’t already sounding like torture, throw in the fact that I’m no good at following patterns because I work in short intervals. Life does not allow me the luxury of time to knit for hours, and my memory does not retain minutia like what row I last knitted. In other words, I can already see these socks are coming out different sizes.

I think you know where this story is headed – I’m starting over. Ripping out hours of concentrated work. It’s worth it in the end. I hope I reach someone with my story, perhaps another ambitious knitter too full of self-confidence. I’ll attempt this again tomorrow with a stitch counter.


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