the REAL cost of buying handmade

I always say the value of something lies in what it means to you, money aside. If someone truly appreciates the meaning behind buying something handmade, the price will not be objectionable. If someone finds it too expensive, they can buy the same junk as everyone else! We have the mindset of always looking for a bargain, but the worth of our purchases is more comprehensive than that.


Recently got asked about if I could make an adorable baby hat like the one pictured below… found some lovely patterns to try on Ravelry.  Since then- they have decided not to use me, probably due to cost.  So lets have a little chat about that…

Fortunately or unfortunately those of us who make handmade goods cannot compete with bargains.  When you buy a handmade item, it will never be as cheap as Wal-Mart, maybe not even Gap.  The beauty of buying handmade is that you can customize your purchase, know that it was created uniquely for you, and as a result you receive a quality piece – a true work of art (in my opinion).

When you buy handmade knits you are not just buying the yarn.  You are buying the maker’s time. The amount of time that goes into one headband that I make is between 2-3 hours (and that is the smallest item I sell).  Should I pay myself just minimum wage… the prices would be too high.  As such I try to consider market pricing (for quality goods) and my time spent along with the costs of genuinely making an item.

This has happened to me several times now, where folks ask me for pricing and then never contact me again.  In the beginning I was worried that I was doing something wrong… but now I am finally to the point of not taking it personally.  The people who truly believe in buying handmade understand the value being provided- and those who don’t understand it, can purchase their goods at a million other places 🙂 . AND that is enough rambling for this Friday!


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