Inspired by Craft spaces

I have been following this series, and it has inspired me to rearrange some of my already organized craft supplies. Yes, I organize. It’s one of my favorite stress-reducing activities.

I thought if I took my yarns out of the drawers and put them in plain view I would not only enjoy the extra color, but keep up on my projects. It also serves as a constant reminder to stop buying yarn.

Doing inventory on my supplies has made me aware of how much I have! I think half of what I own is craft miscellany. Yarns, roving, homemade spindles, decorative papers, blades and knives, fabrics, PVA, E-6000 (GREAT stuff), beads, pliers, ribbons, sequins, stickers, origami papers, Prismacolor pencils and markers, paints, canvases, drawing papers, drawing pencils and pens and ink, and everything in between. This is what I have amassed during my lifetime of craft affection.

I do not keep these things simply to keep – everything gets used regularly. I can create and wrap a last-minute gift or send a thank you note without ever having to go to the store. I especially get a lot of use from decorative paper. The ability to turn something cheap and plain into a lovely object is astonishing! Reshaping a shipping box and covering it in a beautiful paper covers three of my “dos” – do reuse, do make practical things, and do surround yourself with beauty! Someone gave me a gift in special wrapping paper, and I used the same paper to cover a one-dollar datebook. I even keep little yarn scraps to hold stitches (like thumb gussets).

But don’t start thinking I’m one of those crazy “Hoarders” people – quite the opposite. I believe in repurposing things, and I don’t like to waste. It is a matter of efficiency. I keep very little besides my beloved craft supplies.


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