Creative solutions.

Several months ago I made my first pair of thrummed mittens using this pattern. Too late I realized the cuffs were an inch wider than my wrists, and being a novice I overstuffed my thrums and impatiently cast off my mittens too soon. So they ended up looking more like boxing gloves than the pretty mittens in the picture.

I mulled over how to fix my flub. I could unwind the tops and make them longer, but they still wouldn’t fit because the cuffs were too wide. I could unwind them entirely and reuse the yarn and roving. Yarn and roving resources aside, I had also invested time in making the mittens. I couldn’t overlook that. Giving them away was not an option – they had all the wrong proportions for any hands. So I decided to turn them inside out, felt them and make some hilariously wooly earmuffs! Now do I have to break a headband or something?


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