Life-Altering Invention of the Day: Minnesotan mom Pam Turner took it upon herself to design and produce the world’s first dead-simple sewing needle.

“I remember laughing as my mom struggled to thread a needle,” Pam was quoted in the USPTO newsletter as saying. “Glasses resting on her nose, she trimmed the end of the thread, sucked on it, failed to get it through the eye of the needle and re-trimmed it. Sometimes she would curse, ‘Why can’t someone invent a better needle? We’ve been to the moon for goodness sake.’” Pam couldn’t think of an adequate response, so instead she invented a better needle.

According to the Spiral Eye side-threading needle ordering site, Pam’s product is so easy to use, “you can thread one with your eyes closed.” While we wouldn’t necessarily suggest trying that at home, we would blindly recommend purchasing a set of Spiral Eyes — you know, if you’re into the whole “foolproof” thing.



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