My knitting spirit has been lackluster for a while. I haven’t been inspired to twist my lovely fibers into something worthy. I’ll admit that sometimes I buy a skein with no intention of making anything from it – I just love how it looks and feels! I think that’s a good enough reason to buy it and eventually I’ll think of something good enough to knit from it. Baby Alpaca Grande is one of those yarns. I have it in a heather grey that picks up color in the most delightful manner because it is spun with the finest multi-toned tufts of baby alpaca hair. This yarn has some very unique properties. Because the hairs are short it is endlessly plush, and its fuzzy halo begs for eager fingertips. The yarn itself is so soft I’m afraid to knit with it lest I pull it apart. But it is deceptively strong.

As you can tell, I love this yarn. I have longed to create something from it, and finally inspiration struck. I am improvising Luxe Bear to showcase this marvelous thread, and lose some of the guilt I ..uh.. bear from hoarding yarn.


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