Photo by Daphne Puerto

A friend I made in Ecuador, spinning yarn on a hand spindle. This can be said about any country, but I am particularly impressed by the textiles of Ecuador. You can see the woven tapestries in the background – the bright, stylized silhouettes representing the people of the land. See how the tapestries hang? They have been woven continuously on a loom, and must be cut apart. Note the presence of pottery in the tableaux, and the dress of the figures. This style of dress is conventional in many parts of the country. We (my Mom, sister, and I) were in total admiration of their clothing, and found stores that sold the pieces at very high prices. Thanks to tourism, the Ecuadorians are quite aware of the value of their work. You will also catch a glimpse of several knitted sweaters decorated with alpacas, suns, and geometric designs. I indulged in a woven, alpaca scarf. When I asked how I should clean it, the vendor told me to brush it. I won’t argue with that – I like low-maintenance.

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