Helmer: […] Is this your knitting?

Mrs. Linde (taking it): Yes, thank you, I’d almost forgotten it.

Helmer: So you knit?

Mrs. Linde: Yes, of course.

Helmer: You know, you ought to embroider.

Mrs. Linde: Really? Why?

Helmer: It’s much more graceful-looking. Here, let me show you. You hold the embroidery this way in your left hand, and use the needle with your right, like this, in a long, easy sweep. Do you see?

Mrs. Linde: Yes, I suppose—

Helmer: But knitting, that can never be anything but awkward. Here, look. The arms close together, the knitting needles going up and down. It’s sort of Chinese looking. […]

Henrik Ibsen, “A Doll’s House” translated by R. Farquharson Sharp and Eleanor Marx-Aveling. Revised 2008 by Viktoria Michelsen.


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